Hourly Pricing and Packages
Hourly Pricing

Minimalist  $100 | Per Hour
On Camera Lighting and Flash

Ideal for capturing events, such as Birthday Parties, Networking Events, Social Gatherings, Etc. Natural Lighting: Embrace natural lighting for a quick setup and an authentic look.
ADD-Ons Include Recap Video & BackGround Photography

Transitional $180 | Per Hour  
2 Hour Min
Off Camera Lighting & Audio Recording

Ideal for Capturing Studio, Editorial, & Product Photography
Individual Podcast, Cinematic Scenes, Branding & Marketing Videos
ADD-Ons Include BTS & Short Videos

Industrial $275 | Per Hour 
3 Hour Min
Multi-Camera, Lighting & Audio

Ideal for Capturing Music Videos, Interviews, Documentaries & ETC.
ADD-Ons Include BTS and Short Videos
Retainer Packages
4 Month Minimum

Social Media Content Creation  $250 | 4 Hours Per Month
Regular photoshoots and video sessions for social media content.
High-quality images and engaging short videos optimized for various platforms.
Monthly content planning and strategy sessions.
(Editing NOT Included)

Product & Branding Photography $500 | 4 Hours
Comprehensive visual branding services
Including headshots, product photography, Digital Assets 
Consistent visual identity across all marketing materials.
(Editing Included)

Product & Branding Videography $800 | 4 Hours
Showcase products through high-quality videos.
Create engaging product demos or tutorials to highlight features and benefits.
(Editing Included)

Event Coverage $350 | 5 Hours Max | Add-Ons Available
Capture important events, product launches, or milestones.
Provide event highlight video and photo gallery.
(1 Minute Video)

Video Testimonials $150 | 1 Per Month
Record and produce customer testimonials or success stories.
Create compelling videos that build trust and credibility.
(Editing Included)

Social Media Management with Visual Content $2000 | Per Month
Manage social media accounts, including content creation and posting schedules.
Combine photography and videography with social media strategy.
(Marketing & Editing Included)

Studio & Location Fees Vary
Thank you!
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